Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Coupons for #Free Audio Books

So, when an audio book is released, gives the author a bunch of coupons which they can give to whoever they decide.

Sometimes, it by a contest or just a "please, may I have one" or holding one or more of my kids hostage. The last would be a little difficult since they're both grown men. Their respective wives may also object. I can guarantee your that the two Mrs. Dasefs married to my sons will kick your ass from here to next Sunday. Also, the two Ms. Dasefs (my granddaughters) could also kick your ass and enjoy doing it.

So, let's make it the easiest way. Just write a comment or reply on this blog or where it is referenced (Facebook, G+, and Twitter) which says, "Please, may I have one." Easy, right?

So, get to commenting, replying, or even emailing me. I've got seven audio books from which to choose and a big bunch of coupons waiting to be claimed.

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