Saturday, February 15, 2020

Speculative Future Politics

I write almost all genres from humor to horror to romance to science fiction to mainstream to...some unexplainable genres. This story, however, is good old social science fiction. What does the future hold for oppressed minorities? For that matter, who are those minorities? Read it and see what you think.

Originally published in Lorelei Signal and “A Time To..., Volume 1” from Wolfsinger Publications. Illustration by a really lovely artist whose name escapes me. Since the on-line archives are unavailable, I can only apologize for the omission. I loved this illo a lot.

And, as usual, all my stories are included in the collection "Mixed Bag 2: Supersized" on Amazon or Smashwords and other on-line estores. It's also available in paperback at Amazon.

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