Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Never Intended to Self-Publish

Okay, so I sent the file up to Lulu and the devil forced me to put my book up on Lulu. Now that the shine is dulling, I'm going to take the book off Lulu for public access. I set the price to minimum so it's a free download. On January 15th, it disappears from the Lulu shelves.

So, this is last call. If you want a freebie copy, go for the download. If you'd like the print copy, I promise you it's the absolute rock-bottom price.

When this book disappears from Lulu, I'll decide whether it lives or die forever.


Spirit of Bear Valley at Lulu

However, the print edition looks really, really good. It's a great book for middle-schoolers, so take advantage of this last call.

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