Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recent Acceptances

On the theory that if you shove enough stuff out the door, somebody will bite, I've have two acceptances this week:

Final Exam to The Fifth Di... I liked this since it was first accepted by Abyss and Apex, then the editor changed her mind. It came home with tail between legs. Fortunately, J at The Fifth Di... (Sam's Dot Publishing) liked it. Watch for it in the March issue:
The Fifth Di...

The Hunter to Diddledog. Yeah, yeah, the editor is a personal friend, but I know he's not shy about saying no, so this is a good acceptance. It's a short horror piece that I kind of liked. Next issue at:
Diddledog Flash

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  1. Congratulations Marva! And congrats on Maybell's Magical Journey, too.