Sunday, January 21, 2007

Maybell's Magical Journey

I've been working on a children's book with a lady who runs a website for Disney travel. The idea was to produce a book for kid's to get when the family plans a Disneyworld vacation. It's supposed to be the first in a series to cover all the Disneyworld parks.

The first is the Magic Kingdom, the place we all think of when we hear Disneyworld. Cinderella's Castle, Peter Pan, Pooh--all the really great kid stuff. The idea of the book is to give the kids a taste of their trip by showing them the adventures of Maybell Moth as she discovers the magic of Disneyworld.

It's finally coming together, so I thought I'd post this lovely illustration of the type you'll see when you buy the book for your child or grandchild.

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  1. What a lovely idea and picture. When we went to Disneyland in California we came across a paperback in a second hand store how to time your lining up so you wouldn't have to wait and it really worked. We were always first in line and had little waiting to do. I can't remember the name of the book tho'


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