Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Preditors & Editors Poll

I bugged most everybody I knew to go vote in this poll. Of course, it's a popularity contest. A lot depends on how many people you can browbeat into voting. Still, an entrant doesn't come up in the top 10 without a few other people voting for them as well.

My folks at SDP hauled down many top tens, so we know that's a primo outfit. Tyree Campbell, in particular, showed in the top 10 in several categories.

Now, I begged for votes for my two stories and some others I had a close connection with. Here are the results on those:

Individual Art
7. Chilpequin 22 Miles, Holly Eddy - This is my story and you can see the artwork on this blog somewhere. I'm happy that Holly got a good spot for the illo.

Book Cover Art
14. A Time Too..., Lee Kuruganti - Chilpequin is included in this anthology (A Time To...) of stories from Lorelei Signal.

Book Editor
17. Carol Hightshoe, A Time To... - Not in the top 10, but respectable.

Fiction Ezine
9. The Lorelei Signal - Kudos to Carol Hightshoe for a very nice ezine.

Zine Art
6. Lorelei Signal, Amy Harlib

Zine Editor
9. Carol Hightshoe, Lorelei

Here's how I came out in the poll. The 12th spot is quite gratifying. The 17th in Romance is not bad considering it's a huge group of stories. In my humble opinion, If You Could See Her is the better of the two stories.

Short Story (other genre)
12. Extraordinary Rendition, Marva Dasef, The Deepening-Aug Issue

Short Story (romance)
17. If You Could See Her, Marva Dasef, The Deepening-Nov Issue

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