Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google Book Search

When I published Tales of a Texas Boy, I had the option to place my book on Google Book Search. Well, here it is something like 12 weeks later. Still the presentation is kind of cool and if you want to sample the text, it's there for the tasting.

Tales of a Texas Boy on Google Book Search

I'm not sure who uses Google Book Search and to what purpose, but it might be interesting to find out if anything happens because of it. How will I know? I haven't a clue.

However, I'll say that GBS is interesting to browse. While looking for my own book, I searched for the generalized tag "Dasef". I found all sorts of interesting things. . .about my husband's family. Try it on your own family name if it's unusual enough. If found old year books from Michigan colleges from the 1920's. We discovered that one of my husband's uncles had lots of material produced in medical journals. I already knew about Grandpa Dasef's History of Montcalm County, but it was fun nonetheless. My original last name is Perkins and it doesn't get much related to me. But, it's fun to noodle around in GBS.

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  1. You just keep getting famouser and famouser. :-)