Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two New Reviews

Tales has received a couple of new reviews over the last week.

Womblin, an editor for the sadly-departed The Deepening, posted a review on her blog.
Womblin's World
Indeed, these tales are addictive. I challenge anyone to only read one without wanting to continue to the next. Overall, a lovely and valuable collection, I highly recommend it.

Ed Cox, author of Living Stone writes critiques for Sam's Dot Publishing. Read the entire review at Storyteller
All in all, there’s nothing to dislike about Tales of a Texas Boy. With the help of her father’s testaments, Dasef recreates the era with real clarity. She conjures the characters and landscape until you can hear that southern drawl, and taste the dust in your mouth. One day a scriptwriter will find this book, and discover that it lends itself just as entertainingly to a TV series.

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