Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lots of New Stuff

My, but it's been busy around here lately.

Tales received a lovely review on Cocktail Reviews, which I've mentioned here before. Read the review here. Here's the summary:
A lovely set of tales, read in one sitting. I couldn’t put the book down. With a wonderful voice throughout, Ms. Dasef brought sadness, humour, and contentment to my day. I’m very glad I selected Tales of a Texas Boy for review. Delightful!

I received the proof copy for the ebook version of Tales of a Texas Boy, which is published by Cantarabooks LLC. Originally scheduled for a November release, it looks like it will show up within the next week or so. How fun is that!

Of course, today is the scheduled release date for Weirdly published by Wild Child Publishing. I've got a few stories in that, so I hope you'll buy a copy.

Jo-Brew posted about Tales and her interview of me on Women Writing the West. I encourage everybody to check out the site if you're interested in a writers' organization for western authors, those who live in the west and those who write about it.

And I invite you to check a new blog I found titled BitchAngelEditor. I read that as Bit Change lEditor, so I thought it must be French (l'editor). See what an editor would like to say about major problems with submissions--those show-stoppers that might keep your book from being published. Words to the wise.