Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Alive!

Update: The Buy button is now live.

The ebook version of "Tales of a Texas Boy" now has its sales page up with my pretty picture on it. I'm going to keep that photo until the end of time. So what if I'm three four (grumble) years older than when it was taken?

Tales of a Texas Boy at Cantarabooks

See the Cantarabooks main page here.


  1. Why Marva, you raised the temperature of the Internet by 5° with that pic!! ;-)

  2. Oh, Tom, you ol' kidder. Thanks!

    Omar: I'll leave your spam for now, but if you do it again, you're outa here.

  3. Marva, I deleted his SPAM immediately.

  4. Good idea, Tom. I just deleted Omar's missive.