Friday, September 16, 2011

September MG/YA Blogathon 9/16-9/18

Note: I'm guesting on Lydia Kang's blog today (9/16). Please visit The Word is My Oyster.
I'm guesting on S.B. Knight's blog tomorrow (9/17). Please visit The New Author Blogspot. I answer questions about "Missing, Assumed Dead," my murder mystery set in the eastern Oregon High Desert.

September 16th is book release day for three of our authors. All our MuseItUp releases. Special congratulations to:

Barbara Bockman - Wounds
Barbara Ehrentreu - If I Could Be like Jennifer Taylor
Rebecca Ryals Russell - Prophecy

Lawna Mackie - “Enchantment” on Barbara Bockman
Shellie Neumeier - “Driven” on Barbara Ehrentreu
Chris Verstraete - “Killer Valentine Ball” on Rebecca Ryals Russell
Sue Perkins - “Spirit Stealer” on Pembroke Sinclair
Rebecca Ryals Russell - “Prophecy” on Meradeth Houston
Kim Baccellia - “Crossed Out” on C.K. Volnek

Pembroke Sinclair - “Life After the Undead” on Barbara Bockman
Marva Dasef - “Bad Spelling” on Sue Perkins
Shellie Neumeier - “Driven” on Chris Verstraete

Sue Perkins - “Spirit Stealer” on Marva Dasef
Marva Dasef - “Bad Spelling” on Shellie Neumeier
Shellie Neumeier - “Driven” on Rebecca Ryals Russell
Barbara Ehrentreu - “If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor” on Pembroke Sinclair

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