Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yes, I Do Have Published Books

In Q-and-As for guesting on others' blogs, occasionally I'm asked if I have any other published books. Well, you can click on the Published Books tab above on this blog to find out. But I know that much of a blog doesn't show up if you're reading posts through a feed. I use Google Reader myself to keep up on new posts. So, if you're using such a read, I thought it worth a post to reiterate my published work. I'm using the Amazon links because it's a neat way to show titles and covers. So here are the Kindle links:

Missing, Assumed Dead
Amazon Kindle
MuseItUp Publishing

Mixed Bag II: Supersized

Mixed Bag

The Tales of Abu Nuwas

Ultimate Duty
Eternal Press, November 7, 2010

Tales of a Texas Boy

First Duty

Quest for the Simurgh

Eagle Quest

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