Thursday, August 01, 2013

Setara's Genie Featured This Month

July was for Witches and we had a grand run of posts on topics and characters related to witchery.

This month, SETARA'S GENIE is coming out in paperback format. My wonderful cover artist for the ebook edition (MuseItUp Publishing) has kindly consented to a reasonable exchange of drachmas for use of the cover on the paperback edition.

As usual, there will be giveaways, mostly of the ebook version, but I will be sending a copy of the original paperback PROOF to one lucky reader as well. Signed, of course.

So, watch this blog in August for character and topic posts from the "Setara's Genie" world right here in the land of the Cellophane Queen. Just for fun, here's the proof of the cover for Setara. I thought people might like to see how an amateur almost manages to center the front and back graphics on the full cover digital proof. Enjoy.

BREAKING NEWS: The Search Inside feature has been implemented on Amazon. Take a look at the beautiful print formatting.

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