Saturday, August 17, 2013

You Gotta Read Contest: Faizah's Destiny Book Trailer

"Faizah's Destiny" is my most recent book published by MuseItUp. As usual, I made up a book trailer, then submitted it to the You Gotta Read video contest. It makes its appearance today. Voting begins on the 21st.

If you believe authors should spend lots of money to have a professional company create their book trailers, then please don't vote for Faizah's Destiny. It's not worth my time or trouble to go up against authors with the money to burn on marketing efforts like this. On the other hand, if you like the vid, feel free to vote for it.

I have a real publisher who has real editors and real cover artists to make my books look good. If they'd do my book trailer as well, I'm sure I'd have a much better one to show. If nothing else, I always use music from (Kevin MacLeod) and it's always worth a couple minutes of your time to listen.

That's it. Here's the Faizah cover by the inimitable and talented Charlotte Volnek.


  1. Looked at the trailer - excellent! But I didn't see any place to vote.

  2. Oh, now I see that voting begins on the 21st. Duh.


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