Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Lorrie Struiff Book Hits the Market

Now out in ebook at Amazon, B&N Nook, and Kobo, the print book is in the work and soon to be available various places. Okay, I'm slightly bragging since I browbeat Lorrie into a final cover for "The Call on the Dead Club." I think it's pretty cool. Here's the skinny.

The Call on the Dead Club

A lightning blast struck poor Winnie Krapski when she tried to protect her new perm from the rain by hugging a cherry tree in her yard. Yep, the strike split the tree in half and subjected Winnie to a near-death experience.

When she woke and discovered she had a rare talent, she wanted it to go away--fast. Winnie could now see and talk to the ghost of the person laid out in a casket in a funeral parlor.

Along came Fat Phil Phillips and recruited Winnie into the Call on the Dead Club, a secret organization devoted to granting the last wish of the dead person so they could truly rest in peace. And the wish had to be completed before the casket was closed and the ghostie moved on to the next plane.

Winnie joined the group against her better judgment and, oh boy, the fun starts with her many adventures.

Secrets abound. Bullets fly.

Yep, it's Winnie granting a dead person's last request.

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