Monday, July 14, 2014

Wattpad Stories

So, I'm posting some of my short stories on Wattpad. It's nice if anybody reads them. All my published shorts are in a single collection titled "Mixed Bag II: Supersized." If you want the whole lot of them, this is a nice cheap ebook available through various outlets. How about free? At Smashwords, use coupon code SS89C at checkout. There is some adult material, but not as disgusting as I've read portions of books on the NY Times best seller list. Matter of fact, my work is downright tame. I go for humor or goosebumps, not gag-worthy mommy-porn S&M. What is wrong with you women? Why does the idea of being subjugated appeal to you? Oh, well. I'll never get it.

Here's Chilpequin - 22 Miles on Wattpad. The great illustration is by Holly Eddy as it appeared in Lorelei Signal many eons ago.

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