Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coming Up - Free Days (AGAIN!) on 20th-21st

The new, improved childrens' book "Lemons and Other Kid Tales" will be offered free for two days on Amazon.

For one thing, this new version is free to make up for the disastrous release of the book as produced by the Kindle for Kids product. My assessment is that the application is simply not ready for use for childrens books.

Kids' books are supposed to have big type for readability, right?

Unfortunately, no matter how large I made the font, by the time it reached Kindle book stage, it was reduced to unreadable for even those with sharp eyes.

If I can't read it with my reading glasses, then the type is too small. I pulled that version and re-did the book using normal Kindle processes.

Anyway, bad test out of the way, I'll be offering the short book free this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Here are the three "stars" of the book. These aren't the only pictures in the book. It has several nice photo illustrations. Adorable, aren't they?

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