Sunday, September 14, 2014

Testing Kindle for Kids - Updated

UPDATE: The Lemons ebook is now available for 99 cents on Amazon. I can send anybody who wants it the preview MOBI file. Amazon KDP said they'd review the files for content differences to determine whether to replace the previously downloaded copies. They also thanked me for my input on Kindle for Kids. My "input" was more like a rant.

Rethinking going on.
This was going to be the second free day for the childrens picture book which I used the Kindle for Kids application.

After I had a chance to download the product and mess with it, I decided to short stop the giveaway because the book was caca.

Not my stories or the cute photos I used to build it, but the PRESENTATION as forced by using the Kindle for Kids application.

I unpublished the book (it was named "Lemons and Other Kid Tales." I was listing the problems related directly to using the application. If you want to read about this app and another for creating comic books, trot over to this page in the Amazon Help files:

Here's my list of why I think this product stinks.
  • Requirement of PDF upload negates the ability to change fonts when viewing on your Kindle/Droid. I suppose there's some way to make the font larger on the input file, but changing margins didn't help.
  • Page counts on the product page are incorrect. I forced some page breaks and the page count went from 1 page to 8 pages. The PDF file was 16 pages.
  • HUGE download file. Forces a Kindle minimum price of $1.99.
  • Cannot look inside on the book product page.
That's as far as I needed to go to decide to rip it out by the roots and plant a more pleasant and amenable book in its place. Same text, same pictures, but produced from a simple .DOC file. The pictures were a bit weird until I figured out to attach them to a character below the picture and that character was centered on the page. The new product looks much better. It can be viewed in portrait and landscape modes, you can adjust the fonts to suit your fancy, the text just follows along with whatever you want to do.

For those of you who downloaded the yucky version of Lemons, my apologies. I'll see if I can get Amazon to unbuy it (since it was free), so you can get the better version if you're inclined. I will have the new one up for some free days in a few days.


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