Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fire Sales: Nothing Held Back, Everything Discounted

Spook is watching you.
I know many of you haven't read my books. I'm giving everyone the best opportunity ever to rectify that situation. I have fantasies for the kid in everyone, a mystery, a couple of science fiction, an humor. Fifteen books total on Amazon and thirteen on Smashwords.

I can't make all my Amazon ebooks free, but I can reduce the prices to the same level you merrily shell out your money for a single short story. Even my short story books have three stories in each (they're free on Kindle Unlimited). I've got full books here at short story prices, folks. Maybe you could try one some time. It wouldn't kill you.

All my book prices are now anywhere from #Free to $1.50 at Amazon and Smashwords. The slightly higher prices at Amazon allow for the inclusion of the VAT (European point of sale tax).

See all my ebooks on Smashwords here.

See all my ebooks on Amazon here.

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