Saturday, February 21, 2015

Have a Trailer #1

All of my ebooks are on special prices between #free to $1.50 on Amazon, Smashwords (which extends to all the on-line stores where Smashwords distributes). I thought I'd remind folks about the ones which have been available for awhile with a book trailer and links to the fabulous prices.

Amazon Kindle Ebook - $1.50 - Bonus: Buy the ebook and get the audiobook for $1.99
Smashwords - $1.00

Book Trailer #1 = Tales of a Texas Boy

Little Eddie tells some almost true Tall Tales set in West Texas of the 1930s. Guess what's true and what Eddie fudged on. Was it about the bear? Cage McNatt's prize sow? The skunk in the cornpatch? Guaranteed for a chuckle and maybe a tear here and there. 

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