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More Favs of 2014: Perilous Case of the Zombie Potion

I listed some of my favorite reads from 2014. I've realized I didn't list every book I thought was far better than the average. So, what the heck, I'll post a few more while nothing else is going on (except that Valentine Day Sale for two of my books at Smashwords).

Today's share is by Penny Noyce who publishes educational (and fun) kids' books through Tumblehome Learning. You can only get Tumblehome books in paperback format. The books are illustrated, so really work better in print format. I hope Tumblehome will start publishing in ebook format soon. Penny's books in the "Lost in Lexicon" series are available in ebook format. Just check Amazon.

The Perilous Case of the Zombie PotionThe Perilous Case of the Zombie Potion by Pendred (Penny) Noyce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not just another zombie story, this book is one of the G.A.S. (Galactic Academy of Science) collection published by Tumblehome Learning. It offers an entertaining tale and sneaks in real science under the guise of a time-traveling series. Nicely illustrated, it makes learning not only palatable but down-right fun.

Clinton and Sam are put together at summer camp. Clinton thinks Sam is a little too fearful, but comes to understand that a kid with diabetes is restricted: he can't go swimming or do lots of things the other kids can do. Result: Sam is bullied unfairly.

Clinton, however, happens to be a time traveling kid recruited by the mysterious G.A.S. organization to go back in time to learn and then use the knowledge he attains to good use in the present.

He's surprised when he overhears Sam speaking to someone who appears to be from the future and part of G.A.S. Soon Clinton finds that Sam is being used by another time-traveling agency: S.A.G. This isn't the benevolent agency Clinton knows.

Joined by Mae, another G.A.S. agent, the three kids travel back in time to discover what zombies are all about. They jump from one time frame to another learning as they go. What will be their conclusion? Are zombies real or just fantasy? Their first time stop is China for the investigation of an accidental death or was it a murder?

Kids will enjoy discovering the historical roots of zombies while Clinton and Mae help save Sam's mother from the death threatened by the evil S.A.G. organization.

Any more information would be as spoiled as a zombie staggering along searching for brains to eat.

This is a fun book that all kids will enjoy. The illustrations are great, the storyline interesting. What more could a curious kid want?

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