Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Review of a Reviewer's Review: Faizah's Destiny

Faizah's Destiny by Marva Dasef
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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Here's my critique of one reviewer's assessment. I think it's clear from my comments what the reviewer was complaining about. Some are good questions. Some are just misunderstandings. Since I'm posting reviews, I might as well have my say as well.

He wondered why Faizah never questioned the direction she is being led by Menog, a mysterious little man claiming to know where the Simurgh can be found.

The reviewer possibly missed the part when the Goddess Anahita spoke directly to Faizah informing her of the impending war and the role Faizah will take in it. Did he skip the part when Anahita reports back to Ahura Mazda, the equivalent of Zeus or Odin, and the two gods flat out say they're manipulating the humans? The war god, Dev, is also sending minions to turn members of the search party to the side of evil.

Isn't it obvious the gods are playing a dangerous game using humans as pawns in the battle? Did the reviewer forget that Faizah takes the lead most of the time while cautiously questioning the motives of the other searchers? She's not a passive follower by any means. I would suggest the reviewer try actually reading the book before making ignorant comments. It is the reviewer's right, naturally, to be just as ignorant as they please.

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