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Review of "Created Evil" by E.J. Ruek

Created EvilCreated Evil by E. J. Ruek
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Convince the gullible they can be given personal status with a deity, you'll find hucksters more than willing to take their money. Elmer Gantry or Anton LaVey, take your choice if you want to be scammed. It depends a lot on how masochistic you are.

The opening of "Created Evil" tells the reader upfront what they'll be wading through:

It is said that when the moon shines full at Mabon,
it is a time for conjuring both demons and the Holy angels.

When evil is called up from the depths of hell, it's only logical that an angel will come on the scene to fight for the other team. "Created Evil" imagines a physical world that we all live in is only an illusion--a temporary residence of more universal beings. Demons and Angels weren't invented to deal with humankind. One tempting frail humans into dark and evil practices; the other seeking not to fight the evil, but to aid the world to return to an earlier, much earlier, time when a different order of beings owned the earth.

On the evil side, Saturn (what mother would name her kid Saturn?) cynically holds sadistic rites for the gullible acolytes with plenty of money to spend. A stranger, Sebastian, most people mistook for a priest has been sent to deal with the events to come.

Following old rituals he doesn't understand or even care if they're real or not, Saturn opens a portal to the underworld. Not expecting actual results, the entire group of worshipers is killed or run off by a very real, very horrendous creature from the depths.

This creature is identified as a demon named Saymuth.

There are others, not aware of their own true natures, who will be brought into the battle. We'll just say the battle is between good and evil since that's how our human minds can even begin to grasp the infinity of the universe, and how little we matter.

Then things get really interesting. I write the above to provide a tiny glimpse of what is to come in "Created Evil." Any more and I'd be chided for revealing spoilers, although I'm alread guilty of that revelation.

Does this sound like something you want to take on? The only writings that come even close to describing the events to come are by John in the Book of Revelation and Nostradamus in his predictions.

This isn't an easy beach read. However, if your interest is piqued, you'll--enjoy isn't the right word--be grateful you decide to take up the challenge.

Note: When reading, you'll find a couple of scenes of sickening depravity. I almost quit reading at this point, but I know the author's work well enough to plow through to discover what is really happening, not just what people pretend to play.

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