Sunday, December 22, 2019

Seasonal Thoughts

I saw a post the other day in which the author (and the re-poster) believed they were opening their arms to the world in celebration of the turn from Winter to Spring. I've used their "talking points" to make my own list for the Season. Take it or leave it.

OK Folks, Let's get this straightened out...
  • Santa is a mythical character based on a variety of legends and fairy tales. 
  • "Baby, It's Cold Outside" could be considered offensive by any person held against their will.
  • Candy canes are canes, with no relationship to the Hebrew Y in Yeshua.
  • We say anything pertaining to our reason for the season. After all, there are 6 billion non-Christians in the world.
  • Children should get to decorate their classrooms in their seasonally appropriate decorations of the creed or culture.
  • There were 3 wise men, but 3 wise women would have brought nappies, a casserole, and a warm blanket.
  • Babies Yashua, Mithra, Tammuz, Adonis, Attis, and Osiris all claimed the same virgin birth and rising from death stories.
  • Mommy was probably not kissing a mythological being (see above), but either her husband or lover. The song does not specify.
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, being a creature pulling a mythical conveyance by a mythical being is best sung by Burl Ives.
  • Stop turning the holidays into a political bludgeon to claim discrimination with such nonsense as a war on Christmas.
  • Let kids be kids. Let kids not be told they're bad if they are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or any other cultural religion and don't believe in the Germanic Jul traditions.
  • This is one of the MANY times of the year we should all be nicer to each other and forget everything that tears us apart from our one great commonality: being human.
  • You can say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanakkuh, or any other greeting you want, including just Happy Holidays or Bah Humbug.
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