Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Maui Created the Hawaiian Islands

Guest poster Rick Kirkam (Sensei J. Richard Kirkam) provided this Hawaiian legend for the Myths and Legends series. Thanks, Rick!

Maui was a demigod in Hawaiian folklore. His father was a god and his mother human. Maui had three brothers though not much is mentioned about them as individuals. Though Maui was a trickster he was also always trying to help humankind.....

Maui went to his father and came back with a fishing hook. He told his brothers to take the canoe and paddle out to sea. They went out so far they became nervous and wanted to turn back. Maui told them to continue to paddle. When it seemed they would never stop Maui finally had them halt.

He took a fishing pole and line, attaching the magic hook to it he's gotten from his father. It was the longest fishing line Maui's brothers had ever seen. Maui threw the hook into the sea and told his brothers to begin paddle and not to turn around.

Paddling was hard on the brothers and they could hear Maui grunting as though he'd caught a huge fish. Finally one of the brothers couldn't fight his curiosity any longer. He turned to see what his brother had caught on the fishing pole. The line went slack and broke.

Maui scolded his brothers. Telling them he wanted to raise a continent and all he pulled up were these islands.

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