Wednesday, April 07, 2010

PDF Editions Available

I've uploaded the PDF editions of two of my books to Off the Bookshelf. For sales for $2.99 each on my storefront at OTB.

Tales of a Texas Boy: The PDF contains all the great old timey photos I used to illustrate the stories. No other ebook edition has the photos. This PDF is exactly how the printed edition looks.

Eagle Quest: I wrote this book several years ago. No, it didn't find a home with a "regular" publisher or an agent. Looking back on my records, I see that I just didn't have a good query letter. Live and learn, right? This is a perfectly good book for middle-graders.

Fiona, Hap, Billy, and Mitch make an odd set of friends, as different from the usual high school crowd as they are from each other.

Mitch, the oldest of the four, is a half-breed Native American, adopted by white parents. Troubled that he doesn't know his tribe, he avidly studies Native American history and lore. Learning the nearby Bear Valley Wildlife Refuge is a bald eagle nesting site, he wants to add an eagle feather to his medicine bag and explore the refuge as a site for his Vision Quest, a Native American rite of passage. He and his three friends get far more than an overnight campout as they encounter a black bear, an old man living in the refuge, and a pair of eagle poachers. Bringing the poachers to justice, they test their courage and gain confidence in themselves and each other.

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