Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Cover Featured on You Gotta Read Covers

I hit a double this month. My book trailer is on:
You Gotta Read Videos (July 4th)
and my book cover is on the sister site:
You Gotta Read Covers (July 10th).

I'll remind you on the 21st to vote for both my cover and my brailer (is that a good short word for book trailer?)

The brailer covers both (I'm dying from these puns. Somebody stop me, please!)


  1. Fun trailer.

    I've noticed a real dearth of comments on my blog the last few months, too. People still read it, but no one comments. No idea why.

  2. I know! I get lots of hits in my stats, but they're fly-bys. I guess that's okay, but I'd love to hear peoples' opinions even if it's shut up.