Sunday, July 24, 2011

In My Mailbox

The Story Siren (that's her neat mailbox image) has a regular feature. It's kind of informal. All you have to do is say what books you've bought, borrowed, or read for some period. I believe the In My Mailbox blogs are often run every Sunday, so you can search around to find some recommended reads. I'll give it a shot and see if I can even remember the books.

This last week, I read:

Thirst (Ava Delaney #1) Thirst is the first the Ava Delaney series about a woman caught between being human and vampire. Since she's a "daywalker" (a vamp who can come out during the day), she's a valuable commodity to all sorts of baddies. Ava is just getting her mojo on in the first book. I wish it wasn't ended with such a gaping chasm of "you've got to keep reading the books to find out things hinted at but not explained." Even still, it's a good read, and you can always grab the next in the series, "Taunt," to satisfy your curiosity. Well, maybe.

I bought several books from my own publisher, MuseItUp Publishing. The front page always has featured books at marked down prices. I have quite a stack now, and need to get my reading butt in gear to catch up a bit. I have 28 MIU books, but I have read lots of them. Currently, I'm read "The Chameleon's Bite" by Erika Gilbert, another reluctant not-quite-a-vamp story and "Betwixt and Between" by Grace DeLuca, a YA fantasy.

I've also collected on quite a few free book offers including Henrietta, the Dragon Slayer (Five Kingdoms)  by Beth Barany which I've just started. Definitely a Xena the Warrior Princess thing going on, but I loved that series, so I'll stick with it as long as the writing is not hideous. So far, so good. The book is now only 99 cents, so a decent bargain.

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