Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Promo Art for Missing, Assumed Dead

My cover artist, Suzannah Safi, runs an on-line e-magazine (free to read). Cocktails Magazine Fiction and Gossip carries some promo, but also has some great articles of interest to authors, especially in the many romance subgenres.

In case you didn't know, there's hardly a book that can only be called "romance." The only thing the mystery, paranormal, historical, science fiction, and fantasy romances have in common is that the main characters experience romantic involvement while they're catching murderers, fighting off vampires,waging war in the battle of Agincourt, living on a space station, or battling orcs.

Your mama's romance just ain't the same anymore. Of course, my dearly beloved publisher covers the gamut of romance subgenres, but delves into a lot of other genre fiction (no romance required). But what is human/alien/shapeshifter relationships if not romance.

Here are the great promo pages Ms. Safi designed from my already totally rad cover for "Missing, Assumed Dead." (Release date: 7/29/2011 from MuseItUp Publishing).

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  1. Looks great!

    That site sounds cool too. I was never that interested in the modern-day "just romance" stories anyway. More fun when those zombies and orcs are in there and you've got a sexy pirate by your side. ;)