Thursday, July 14, 2011

Galley - Ship, Kitchen, Book

Guess which one of these I'm referring to (yes, Virginia, ending a sentence with a preposition is okay).

Book, of course. I'll bet you already knew that. Dear Publisher Lea Schizas asked me about one item I'd sent on errata for the final galley and told me that one other she wouldn't do. I think it has something to do with regional terminology, but I was in the six-of-one-half-dozen mode, so didn't much care one way or the other. I think both of us were trying to be thorough. Given only one single questionable wording, I'm feeling good about "Missing, Assumed Dead."

Now, what's happening in August? Click on the MAD tab at the top of this blog to check for release info. I've got the virtual book tour line-up (note to self: harrass bloggers to make sure they remember), some nice prizes, and a good start on some additional material on this blog throughout August which I hope you'll find interesting.

Clicking on that Tweet button above the comments area is a nice thing to do especially if you're an author I'll be featuring on my blog. Unlike real estate (location, location, location), blogging is all about traffic, traffic, traffic.

Here are some pictues (not nearly all of them) to give you a bit of the flavor that inspired "Missing, Assumed Dead." I'll post more later.

Near Rome (Oregon, that is)

Basque Shepherd from the 19th C.

Big Horn Sheep in Eastern Oregon

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