Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rumors of My Death Are Exaggerated

Looks like a graveyard around here. All I lack are tombstones. Here's one just to keep it authentic.

I do have posts scheduled through the end of October. I'd been very busy organizing the Magical Mystery Month (all the June posts), getting some tour-type stuff going for August after the July 29th release of my mystery, "Missing, Assumed Dead," and going through the chaos of putting together the MG/YA Cross-Tour Blogathon.

All very exciting stuff for the future. But my blog sits here all bereft and belonely in July without a lot to say for itself (bad blog! bad!). I figured I'd better drop in to let you all know that big things are coming. I can hear the thunder of a runaway herd of authors heading my way. I'm loosening up my lasso, heating up my branding iron, and getting ready to take on the stampede.

Beginning July 29th, I visit several bloggers' sites with info on my mystery's release from MuseItUp Publishing (O Canada!), but that just runs through the first week of August. After that, I'm filling my blog with a bunch of fun stuff:

- It's a Crime Sundays where I invite mystery authors to give you the low down on mysteries of all types. Police procedurals, cozies, paranormal, etc.

- Excerpt Wednesdays aren't just excerpts, but well-thought out, scholarly discussions by yours truly talking about the whys and wherefores of those excerpts.

- Characters Talk: I let my characters do the talking to tell you things about themselves not revealed in the book. These posts will be scattered throughout the month.

So, I've got my work cut out for me and I'd better get crackin' now that I've made all these promises.

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