Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wizards and Warlocks Visit Adriana Ryan

I'm representing the letter D on Adriana Ryan's blog today. This definitely feels like I'm on Sesame Street, give that my book, "Bad Spelling," is all about kids, magic, and mayhem.

About Adriana from her website:
My name is Adriana Ryan. I write supernatural romances.
My books contain a sprinkling of the “what if” side of life. I’ve always wondered at events in life we can’t explain scientifically. My books are an attempt to connect with others out there who’ve felt that sense of wonder too.
My first novella, Nisha, Awakened, is a paranormal suspense with romantic elements. It will be out in January 2012. If you’ve ever thought your connection with your pets might be something science cannot explain, you might enjoy this one!
I also have a contract with Muse It Up Publishing for a contemporary paranormal romance called Her Heart’s Desire, that will be out in March 2012. Hint: The main characters are all human… the magic is elsewhere.
I love to hear from passers-by and blog stragglers, so contact me at: I always write back.

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