Friday, December 30, 2011

Kindlegraphing Your Books

I decided to check out the Kindlegraph deal. Briefly, authors register their books with Kindlegraph and give out the page to whoever they can shanghai. I'll be adding my Kindlegraph author's page on my website and in my applicable links for all my books.

Go here to see my author's page on Kindlegraph.

Once registered, readers can click to either the specific author's Kindlegraph page or to the front, where they can browse through over 10,000 books from 2500 authors.

Before you go off requesting autographs, you need to fill in some things so you can receive your kindlegraph on your Kindle reader. I know, it's scary to allow somebody to be a valid email on your Kindle, but it's necessary so that the completed kindlegraph can be delivered to your kindle. What you get when you request a 'graph is a PDF of the book's cover with a personalized note to you and a facsimile of the author's signature.

When I registered my books, the site owner immediately requested an autograph (probably has that automated), and I wrote a cheery note addressing him by name. To see what I'd get from other authors, I requested an autograph from a fellow writer. Her book cover and note jumped into my Kindle soon after I turned on the WiFi.

This is a neat way to autograph ebooks, something not so easy to do in the non-virtual world. Try it out with one of your books (if you're an author) or request a signature for one of my books (you don't even have to own it).

Become an autograph collector!

Authors using a touchscreen device can add their real signature. I am not adept enough with a mouse to sign my name, so I used the standard font for both note and siggy. Still, not too bad. Maybe a future featured would allow authors to upload a scanned signature.

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  1. Oh the amazing world of cyber space, digital books, and now kindlegraph. Pretty wonderful, I'd say.