Monday, December 19, 2011

Lawna Mackie - Impossible to Hold

by Lawna Mackie
Liquid Silver Books

Raven knows no one will believe her. Giant tiger-like creatures did not just leap from the clouds, and invisible forces do not just save your life during Sahara Desert sandstorms. Impossible, they always said, scolding her at the age of twelve. Ten years later, Raven knows the impossible is possible, and finds herself tormented with many unanswered questions concerning her birth and her mother’s mysterious disappearance.

Perhaps falling in love with Nevar, an emotionless and bodiless Storm God isn’t a good idea, but the attraction they feel for one another is impossible to deny. Soon it becomes clear that he is the only one who can unravel her puzzling past and perhaps save her life. But an evil Sea Goddess knows exactly who Raven is, and even more importantly…what she is.


(Q) You must be excited about your new release? Can you tell us a bit about your book?

I’m really excited, more so than I can put down into words. IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD is an action packed paranormal/romantic fantasy with my different creatures.

(Q) Sounds interesting. What made you decide to write this type of story?

A dream started the idea. Stormcat is one of the characters in my novel, but I had a dream of him, where he pounced down through the clouds at me in a storm. He had no intentions of hurting me, but he was quite annoying. I was trying to get through the storm to save my parents.

While the book doesn’t have that as part of the story, it does have Stormcat jumping from the heavens above down to earth, often.

(Q) He sounds like quite the character. What other type of other characters do you have in the novel?

My hero is very unique, especially in the beginning of the book. He is a Storm God so he has no physical form, other than elements of nature. He takes the form of rain, snow, mist…I think you get the drift. Eventually he ends up with a human type body, but the first part of the book is intriguing. Oh, he also has no emotions.

(Q) Where is the book set?

I jump around all over the world, from the Sahara Desert, the Grand Cayman Islands, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, to eventually scenes taking place under the sea.

(Q) Who is the publisher and where can readers get a copy?

The publisher is Liquid Silver Books. So everyone can go there and check it out.

(Q) Perfect. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us today?

Yes, one more thing. My great friend’s Myriah and James Reed from Sodipop Studios have created a wonderful trailer for me. I encourage everyone to visit at my website. It should be read for tomorrow.

Thank you very much for hosting me today. It’s been great.

Books by author, Lawna Mackie:

QUINN’S CHRISTMAS WISH – December 1, 2011, Amazon in both print and eBook

IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD – December 19, 2011, Liquid Silver Books

ENCHANTMENT – January 13, 2012, Muse It Up Publishing

Lawna's Bio:

I have always believed in fairy tales. Each story would have typical heroes and heroines but from untypical worlds. Daily, I made up new stories, with perfect happy endings.

I constantly tell my husband, friends and family of the adventures I have during my sleep. Most of the time they just shake their heads in disbelief. Every now and again I’d write them down, but my stories usually end up in the recycling bin, piling up beside my ever-growing stack of read romance novels.

I devoured my first romance novel when I was a teenager. I couldn’t read them fast enough. Years later I stumbled across my first paranormal romance. An injustice would be done if I tried to explain my joy when I found this genre of romance. My passion was finally in print.

One summer, I set aside my fears and began to write a story. It took me a long time to realize I didn’t have to be perfect to write. So I picked up my pen and began to write my first novel. I cried, cringed, laughed and fell in love with every minute of the process. I have many stories to share with you and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

I am truly blessed. My husband is my inspiration and knight in shining armor. We live on a small acreage in Didsbury, Alberta, with our most beloved companions, Dozer, Daisy and Mandarin. I love mountains and water even more so. Maybe in my next life I’ll come back as a water nymph, or perhaps in my past life I already was!

Happy reading everyone!

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