Saturday, January 12, 2013

Absolutely Last Day of Paperback Sale

If you haven't taken the opportunity to buy the paperback editions of Bad Spelling, Midnight Oil, and Scotch Broom for only $5.99 each, then you'll be fresh outta luck as soon as I change the price to $7.99 each at 5PM PST. There'll be a little lag time until the new price is applied at Amazon, but not much.

I'm saddened that nobody took me up on this offer. I see these books as keepsakes since they're paperbacks and can be shelved for years, given away LEGALLY, or even used to start a fire. Should I even bother with the links? Nah, if you want to buy a copy you know where to find them on Amazon.

P.S. I've sold 30 paperback so far this month of "Tales of a Texas Boy." That's in addition to the 343 copies sold in November and December. That's a lot of people who think one of my books is worth $8.99. Who knows what people will buy and why. I've given up trying to guess.

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