Friday, January 18, 2013

MuseItUp Wins Big

My publisher just sent out an email with the standings for the recent Preditors/Editors poll. Not too shabby for a relatively new ebook publishing company.

From the Publisher, Lea Schizas:

I just finished going through all the final tallies, and unless they change, I'd like to congratulate not only those who are listed below, but to everyone who took the time to vote. But to see Pat Dale up there in second place...what can I say...he would have been so proud of his fellow Musers. Thank you.

34 Top Ten Awards in the 2012 P&E

Standings for Horror Novels
5. Born of Blood, SB Knight
6. The Dollmaker, Justin Robinson

Standings for Romance Novels
7. Into the Red, Kelly Whitley

Standings for Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels
2. Lagrange Point, Mike Arsuaga
4. Dark Heirloom, J.D. Brown
10. The Fireborn Chronicles: Revelations, Mary Andrews

Standings for Steampunk Novels
1. Inventing Love, Killarney Sheffield

Standings for Erotica Novels
6. GLADIATOR, Kate Lynd

Standings for Mystery Novels
3. If I Fail, Marian Lanouette
8. Death Runs in the Family, Heather Haven

Standings for Thriller Novels
1. The Tenth Legion, Mike Arsuaga
4. Strays of Rio, Edith Parzefall
9. Concilium, Michelle K. Pickett

Standings for Children's Books
4. The Realm of the Lost, Emma Eden Ramos
7. Midnight Oil, Marva Dasef

Standings for Young Adult Books
1. Darkseed: Awakening, Victoria Ley
6. Wakefield, Erin Callahan and Troy H. Gardner

Standings for Horror Short Stories
5. Family Tradition, Pamela Turner

Standings for Romance Short Stories
2. Twinkle Lights, Vicki Batman
8. Another Way to Die, Amy McCorkle

Standings for Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories
4. Butcher's Knoll, Jonathan Fortin
8. Daughter of Subspecies, Mike Arsuaga

Standings for All other Short Stories
4. Corliss, Heather Haven,

Standings for Artwork
8. Rock Crazy, Delilah K. Stephans

Standings for Book/e-book Cover Artwork
9. The Fireborn Chronicles: Revelations, Marion Sipe

Standings for Authors
2. Pat Dale,
9. Heather Haven,

Standings for Artists
7. Marion Sipe,

Standings for Book/e-book Editors
7. B.L. Wilson,
8. Joelle Walker

Standings for Print/Electronic Book Publishers
3. MuseItUp Publishing,

Standings for Bookstore
2. MuseItUp Publishing,

Standings for Writers' Workshop
3. The Muse Online Writers Conference,

Standings for Writers' Resource/Information/News Source
3. The Muse Online Writers Conference

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