Monday, October 07, 2013

Sweetening the Deal

If you take advantage of the Buy One-Get One free deal at MuseItUp Publishing's bookstore, send me a copy of your receipt for purchase of two Witches of Galdorheim books, and I 'll give you another ebook free. If you take a peek at the book covers up top or in the side-columns of this blog, you'll see I have plenty of books available.

I just sent a copy of "Setara's Genie" to a BOGO buyer who already had "Bad Spelling" (book 1), and bought "Midnight Oil" and "Scotch Broom" using the BOGO code MARVADASEF at checkout.

I reward those who are kind to me. So send me your receipts, and tell me what extra book you want (be sure to include the format). My email is mgdasef (at) gmail (dot) com

Other books available for this special BOGO+1 deal are:

First Duty or Ultimate Duty: Science Fiction with a kick-ass heroine. FD is a shorter version for the YA audience and UD is an enhanced edition (with, ahem, sexy sex scenes).

Tales of a Texas Boy: Like down home humor in a series of related short stories narrated by Eddie, a boy living in West Texas in the 1930's. The fun part? Eddie is my father and these are his almost-true tall tales.

Eagle Quest: Four teens visit a wildlife preserve when one boy, a Native American, wants to get an eagle feather in his Vision Quest. Encounters with a bear, a crotchety park ranger, and a pair of eagle poachers make the quest a bit more exciting than they thought.

Setara's Genie: What's a girl do with a genie who wants her to figure out how to solve her own problems?

Faizah's Destiny: A young girl is called on by the gods to fight the forces of evil. Can she save the world from Armageddon?

Missing, Assumed Dead: When Kameron McBride receives notice she’s the last living relative of a missing man she’s never even heard of, the last thing she wants to do is head to some half-baked Oregon town to settle his affairs. She doesn't realize that her search for answers can stir a hornet's nest in a small town with secrets.

Mixed Bag II: Supersized: A collection of my published short stories. A little something for everyone. SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, and even a few drabbles. You could have the shorter "Mixed Bag," but why would you want to? All the stories in it are included in Mixed Bag II.

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