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The Wolf Pack Attack - Excerpt from Bad Spelling Audio

Kat Deals With Smart-Aleck Boys - So What Else is New?

The most well-known werecritter is the werewolf. At this time in the cycle of what’s hot, what’s not, werewolves are getting great press via the Twilight books and movies by Stephanie Meyer.

I have to admit it. Werewolves can be totally sexy guys (gals) in human form.  Meyer finally got one legendary being right. Well, she agrees with my concept, which I used before I read any of the Meyer saga.

To tell the truth, I still haven’t read any of the books, because the first movie put such a bad taste in my mouth. OMG, Edward loves Bella because she SMELLS good?!?!? Gimme a break.

As we all know, werewolves are shape-shifters. When the full moon rises, your normal guy (or gal) changes into a werewolf. Sometimes, they are portrayed as mindless beasts who’ll rip the throat out of anybody they come upon. Other portrayals show that the maintain their human intelligence when shifted. Since the legends vary so wildly, I decided to not only have my werewolves remain intelligent, but also able to shift from human to wolf form at will.

How do I justify this turning away from the legend? I don’t need to. Some folks will howl in disgust with my tampering with the myths. Let ?em whine or even bark. I’ve seen authors do just about everything with the tropes: weres, vampires, demons, fairies, angels, ancient gods. That, I believe, is perfectly okay. You want a half-vampire, half-demon? I’ve seen that in paranormal more than once. Gods less than god-like? Yup, been done.

In BAD SPELLING, I have both real and wannabe werewolves. In Galdorheim, teenage warlocks have their own club, much like the Boy Scouts, who must earn their way up via self-transformation. Of course, teenage boys, being what they are, can't resist using their ability to scare teenage girls. Wait til they get a little older, then they'll be flexing those pretend werewolf muscles to impress rather than frighten.

In this excerpt, Kat has a run in with the Wolf Pack in a dark alley.

First, the excerpt in text (if you prefer reading), then the audio version. You should really listen to the excerpt.


BAD SPELLING - Book 1 of The Witches of Galdorheim Series
A klutzy witch, a shaman's curse, a quest to save her family. Can Kat find her magic in time?

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Excerpt in Text (audio embed below the break)

The fading light of the setting sun cast deepening shadows as Kat made her way down the alley. She smothered a startled gasp when she saw glowing red eyes a dozen yards up the narrow street. She wasn’t sure whether the boys changed shape only, or if they became real wolves, or worse yet, werewolves. A chill ran down her spine. When Rune saw blood, his vampire side took over. He couldn’t control himself yet; was it the same with the Wolf Pack? Maybe these wolves were real enough to attack her.

She stopped in the middle of the alley, undecided. Should she return to the street or face the Wolf Pack? At least the stuck-up girls wouldn’t go for her jugular. Nevertheless, she also knew turning her back on even a normal wolf was not a good idea. Surely, the warlocks wouldn’t allow outright attacks even if they turned a blind eye to the illicit transformations. She decided to go forward and slip out of the alley between the next two cottages.

She thought the shadowy figures moved closer. Or was it her imagination working overtime? She quickened her pace trying to reach the gap between the houses before the pack. It was nearer than turning back. The approaching sets of eyes flared and glowed a deep ruby red. Kat could now make out the wolf shapes loping toward her. She looked wildly around and saw she couldn’t reach the gap in time. She had nowhere to run.

Heart pounding in her chest, Kat’s breath grew fast and shallow as she watched the glowing eyes draw nearer. The wolves spread out, trapping her against the building. The snarls and bared fangs sent a shiver up her spine. She looked around, but there wasn’t a soul in sight. Just her and the wolves.

Click here to listen to the audio edition on SoundCloud, or use the embedded player below.

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