Friday, July 14, 2006


I regularly hit a few blogs that I find fun and entertaining. M.E. Ellis (aka Bloom, Michelle, etc.) usually provides me a chuckle for the day. See her blog link to the left.

I feel inadquate, however, since my blog entries are far from witty or entertaining. I'm going to have to start working at being a clever person just a little harder (okay, so I haven't tried yet, but I will).

Mostly, I just get worked up over political crapola. GW Bush makes me want to vomit. The Israelis are taking vengence to delightful heights of ridculousness. Damn, but the stock market is sinking my hopeful retirement savings into the dumpster.

I fear that I'll have to find a job to make ends meet. Dear hubby really, really wants to retire. Since, he's already signed up for Medicare, it's mean of me to tell him to keep working until he drops dead. Still, I have that urge. I'm doing my writing thing as fast as I can. I work at it every single day. Good for me, but what have I earned? Not enough to buy a subscription to a good magazine.

Let's write this post off to a temporary fit of depression. Go back to work? Ha! Fat chance. Nobody needs an old lady that's been out of work for 10 months. Boo hoo hoo hoo. I'm so sad. Buck up, dummy. That novel is in your blood. Really it is!

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  1. Well, you gave me a chuckle, Marva. You mentioned GW. I love his stand-up routines.