Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Push Down

Okay, I'm going to push down my exciting acceptance of "Extraordinary Rendition" for a bit of political talk.

This story set the reader up to think that the good ol' US of A was being the bad guy. For a spoiler, I'll give away that the basic plot involves an Iranian who has expatriated to another country, being picked up and interrogated (tortured). The punchline is that he wasn't in the US, but in Egypt. This is hinted at the top of the story where a CIA agent was quoted.

Okay, it ends up with the guy being tortured in Egypt. Big twist, eh? Well, the fact of the matter is that the top of the story quote and the ending still point a finger at the US as condoning and participating in torture.

I am NOT sorry to make the implication. I AM puzzled that it would be considered "anti-American" to suggest that. This is a known fact. The US government does condone torture as stated by the President and the Vice President.

I think that conservatives should wake up and smell the coffee. It is NOT anti-American to point out when our government is participating in acts of torture, even if by using other countries to do the dirty deeds for them. Guess what? It is wrong, wrong, wrong! I cannot stress enough that the condoning of torture (as the US adminstration blithely thinks is okay) by sending people by "extraordinary rendition" to other countries to be tortured is WRONG WRONG WRONG. It is not anti-American to point out that this administration is perverting and destroying our Constitution for ideological ends.

It is sick, disgusting, and totally untenable morally, to call any protest against this behavior "anti-American." On the contrary, it is the height of patriotism to point out when our country is going so terribly wrong.

I am not anti-American. I am so pro-American, that I am compelled to speak out against the trampling of our most sacred document, the Constitution of the United States of American.

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