Thursday, July 27, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance

We love this show! Our number one guilty pleasure along with American Idol, the SYTYCD is such a joy to watch. The kids on the show dance there itty-bitty hearts out. Does it mean anything in the Cosmic scheme of things? Of course not. Is it great to watch the dancing? It's so much fun, my husband stays up way past his bedtime to watch as much as he can. Unlike slovenly wife-person who is free to stay up, sleep in, and generally act as if I were a writer, DH (dear husband) still works for a living, and gets up at 5:00am to trudge off to work.

Still, we both like this show. I think it's neat that opportunities are provided for young up-and-comers to show their stuff and--just maybe--make it to the big time. Good for them. This type of reality show is much preferable to the average Joe Survivor or Big Bother gig. This kids actually have talent, and I don't mind a bit joining in watching them kick it up for their careers. Good for them!

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