Thursday, July 20, 2006

Website Blues

I went merrily into the website editor to add some information and the pages had disappeared. The published site was still up, but my saved site was gone with the wind.

I wrote tech support and their answer? You guessed it! "Your site must be corrupted. Delete it and start over."

Thanks, guys. That was so helpful.

So, my website is again under construction. I almost got it back to where it was, but some good stuff is still MIA.

One nice change that I discovered was the ability to insert a form for my many readers (giggle) to enter comments and the site management sends me the email. So, I don't have to put my actual email address on the site. That will help with stalkers, I suppose. Please, won't somebody stalk me?


  1. LOL @ wanting a stalker!

    *lurks in stalkerish manner*


  2. Oh, thanks, m.e. I'm so happy to have a stalker who lives in an entirely different continet. Much safer that way.

  3. I've had stalkers... Not fun. ;)

    Be aware, though, that forms (depending on the script) can be used to hijack your mail server and send copious amounts of spam. It can get ugly.

    Another way to do this is to put your email addy in all text but no link, such as jane (at) jane doe (dot) com. This has become fairly common over the last couple of years as spam has spiralled out of control. One potential problem with that, though is that it appears as though spambots might be getting wise to the more common ways of disguising email addies, the most common being jane at janedoe dot com, so definitely fancify and complicate it a bit more than just the plain jane version.

    I hear your pain, though. I get, uh, at least a hundred spam a day. My brother, a programmer with the same email addy for a decade, gets at least a thousand. Sucks.


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