Saturday, December 09, 2006

Holiday Songs

My buddy Gene tagged me to post my five favorite holiday songs and to tag other folks to do the same. Here's my list:

Oh Holy Night
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Silver Bells
The Little Drummer Boy (pah rum pah rum pum)
What Child is This

Some of my selections have a religious theme, but I really don't think Christmas has anything to do with a specific religion. Yeah, yeah. I know that it's supposed to be Christ's birthday, but historically that's actually in March or April. The majority religion of the Dark Ages didn't want to impinge on the Easter celebration, so the pagan mid-winter festivals were usurped by monks trying to convert the masses in northern Europe. The continuance of the evergreen tree and a mid-winter feast allowed the pagans to more easily buy into this new religion being peddled.

Here's a nice write-up on mid-winter celebrations.

Nevertheless, some really nice music has come out of the deal.

Happy Holidays to you for whatever you wish to celebrate: Christmas, Hannukah, Saturnalia, etc.

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  1. Hi y’all

    I though I would stop by and introduce myself, it looks like we may be part of a joint effort at Turning the Pages of Life.

    I read your profile and looked at the picture, you are amazingly well preserved for a lady of 250 years. I would like to know your secret.

    I am not that old but we like the same music, stop my place and you will learn that I am just an old country boy that has a newfound love as a blogster.

    Y’all come now, you hear.