Monday, December 04, 2006

Making Things Worse - Part 2

I retrieved my website, no thanks to Clearwire's non-help. I think they've grown too fast since I did receive good help when I first got the receiver. Clearwire isn't DSL and it isn't cable and it isn't a satellite. On the whole, I'm happy with the service once I found the right place in the house to put the receiver. It's sitting on top of a six-foot bookshelf and pointing generally southeast. It's this flat thing with five lights on top. The number of lit lights shows signal strength. The signal comes from a tower, which I believe is also a cellphone tower. The receiver is connected to my wireless router, and our computers pick up the signal via the router.

But, back to how I solved the problem. After I received another note from Clearwire to call them to "troubleshoot" the problem, I went back into my account and started the setup of another webpage. Apparently, the connection was broken somehow or other and when I started the setup process, the system located all my webpages. Everything is intact. Thank goodness! I'd hate to have redone the whole thing.

The "troubleshooting" the email referred to was obviously just putting me through the re-setup steps that I did on my own. Now, why couldn't they have just said "do the setup again and your webpages are most likely still around." Now, my heart does go out to the other people with their clearwire website which no longer work and they don't even know it. On the other hand, if they don't update their site, then I guess it doesn't matter much.

As for beta blogger, it still does not have the features to do fun stuff with the post. No HTML editing, no picture download, no hyperlink setup. Maybe they'll get it straightened out before they decide they aren't in beta anymore.

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