Sunday, April 15, 2007

Googling Around

I'm not who I thought I was. Google and Wikipedia have shown me the error of my ways.

Marva -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: QUESTION: What is Marva and how did it come about?

Marva began in 1982 as an advanced gadna (the educational youth branch of the IDF) style program. It originally started on a base called Marva (Sage) in the Gallil.

Q: QUESTION: What is the goal of the program?

One of the great forces in the Israeli experience is the army. It is one great leveler and probably the best tool for absorption of new immigrants. Yet in most western countries the word Army bring out negative connotations.

The goal of Marva is to expose foreign students to the complexities of the problems and challenges facing the Israeli Army, and the role of the IDF within the framework of Israeli society. It must be emphasized that one who does Marva is not doing army service and is no way part of the IDF.

The course is open to any Jew who is interested in learning about the IDF. You do not have to think about Aliyah or army service. During the course participants will have to deal with army disipline, the challenge of the mind will be harder than the challenge of the body.


The Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation strives to improve the quality of life through its advocacy of education, the environment and strengthening the workforce.

DASEF Mission

To inspire and educate the people of the Delaware Valley in learning about the Earth's environment, space science, mathematics and technology through the use of academies, presentations, symposiums, professional development, events and activities and the resources of the Innovation Technology Exploration Center (ITEC).

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