Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blog me up, Scotty!

I'll admit it. I want more blog traffic. I'm jealous of folks who have billions visiting their blogs all the time. So, I'm trying to step up to the plate with content people might like to read. I hope my rounds of interviews and reviews will help. Secondly, I'll just do some old-fashioned begging. A friend's blog had this Vote for Me doohicky on his site, so I trotted over to FuelMyBlog and signed up.

So, vote for my blog! Pretty please. Here's an icon right here, or use the one over <<<<<----- there.


  1. Hi Marva

    Okay, the telepathy worked and I'm reading your blog.

    Seriously, I've been so busy since Xmas I haven't had time to do the rounds. Hoping to put that right from now on.

    I see you've been very busy - great stuff.


  2. Hi Marva,

    Gene's mom here. Read your plea on Gene's blog, so now I'm stopping by yours and am voting for you every time I do. Hmmmmmm, the guy on the cover of "Friends In Dark Places" reminds me of an old boyfriend . . . not really, an ugly puppy, that one!

  3. Whooeeeooo! Thanks for catching the vibes, ffox. Busy is good, I hope.

    Phyco Mom! How sweet of you to drop in. Sorry about that ex-boyfriend. Good thing you married somebody else and didn't have any ugly kids. Well, I don't THINK Gene is ugly.

  4. Marva,

    I just stumbled across your review of my novel. Thank you for all your kind words. I believe this is the first written review it has received.

    Take care, JohnB