Monday, July 09, 2007

Identifying Your Market

I just got back from a selling trip. I walked about one block down the street to deliver a copy of Tales of a Texas Boy - Large Print Edition to a neighbor.

Last week, I posted flyers on the bulletin boards located on the mailbox kiosks in the 55+ manufactured home park where I live. I attached business cards to each flyer so nobody would have to remember the information when they get home. I should mention that the narrator, Eddie, is my father. The book contains mostly true (think Tall Tales) stories about him. My parents live across the street from me.

I got my first sale from this strange marketing technique. Of course, I also received a tour of the lady's garden when I delivered the book. That was a definite bonus. Her husband, like my father, is losing his vision. He can still read the large print editions, so my neighbor thought it was nice that she could get a book written about a man she chats with often.

Think global, sell local. Your best customers might be living right down the street from you.


  1. I so agree with that last comment of yours. In about a week, I'm putting up a little web-based venture and am going to market the hell out of all my blogging buddies. (Hey...some have got to be techies, right?)

  2. At least they all use computers, eh?

  3. Unless your name is Stephen King or you write about a protagonist named Harry Potter, books are sold one at a time, through word of mouth, platforms, and sphere of influences. That's just how it's done. Hopefully the reader in your neighborhood will tell others about your book in such a way to convince them to buy a copy!

  4. Congrats, Marva.

    Good luck, Froggie.

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