Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I've made a variety of announcements about my books and where you (dear friend) can buy them. Here's are the links and basic info:

My Website marvadasef.com/tales.aspx: Both the regular trade paperback size and the jumbo print edition. I sell these using a PayPal click through. There are buttons for each of the sizes. They are both the same price ($13.95 US) and I autograph them and ship them to you. Shipping is included in the price, so I think this is your best deal. Also, seniors (65+) can email me for a discounted price.

Amazon: Both editions are on Amazon now. Again, the price is approximately $13.95. There are alternative booksellers if you click the New/Used link. I think the bottom price is $13.69, so not much savings. On Amazon, you pay $3.99 for shipping unless you have more than $25 in your shopping cart, then shipping is free. So, if you want to buy my book along with your copy of Harry Potter, this becomes the best deal.

Tales of a Texas Boy - Regular Edition on Amazon
Tales of a Texas Boy - Large Print Edition on Amazon

For some reason, the LP edition doesn't show up in searches. I've got to get after Amazon for that. The LP edition also has less information on it. Amazon claims it ships in 4-6 weeks, rather than being In-stock as it says for the regular edition. Possibly, the problem here is that both titles are similar, so Amazon is ignoring the Large Print edition.

Lulu: This is my POD printer. They are NOT my publisher, despite the fact that bit of misinformation is being corrected. Nevertheless, both editions are for sale here through my storefront. Again, the price is $13.95, but the shipping cost is less than Amazon if you're buying only one book.

My Storefront on Lulu

There are a few other sites selling the book, but none have particularly good prices. If you're looking for a book and want to get comparative prices, use the AddAll Book Search site.

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