Sunday, July 01, 2007

June Post Recap

June was a full month of fun and interesting posts. I can say that because my guests did all the talking and I merely recorded their wonderful thoughts.

June 2 - Review - Sylvia Beach Hotel
June 5 - The Truth About Publishing (Nonsequitur Comic Strip)
June 6 - Steal This Book
June 10 - Mr. Ed (Ed Kostro)
June 12 - Tales of a Texas Boy - Reviewed! (by Enduring Romance)
June 13 - Plug Your Book (Steve Weber)
June 18 - Karen Newman - Mistress of the Dark
June 21 - A Brief Announcement (yes, my book again)
June 22 - Jeremy Shipp - Dealing with the Devil
June 26 - A Wager of Blood - Book Review
June 28 - Guest Review - J.W. Coffey on Tales

And a couple of announcements from me on this and that.


  1. Marva, just found you through Tomcat's. (love Tomcat!!!) I figure a friend of his, is a friend of mine!

    So I will browse around a bit, get to know you.

  2. Two old fogies from the sixties. As Grace Slick said, "If you remember the 60's then you weren't there."

    I hope you find something to entertain you. Not political here, but sticking to writing and publishing. TC et al. do a far better job at that.

  3. {Waves at Lynn}

    Marva, your blog serves a small niche, but you do what you do here very, very well.

  4. We cant all blog about everything, thats for sure. We might want to though!

    That Tomcat is waving a foot!

  5. Ya gotta watch out for those Tomcats, Lynn. :-)


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