Friday, July 13, 2007

New Release by M.E. Ellis

Wild Child Publishing has released the latest ebook. Quits book 2: devils is the followup to the original Quits book 1: demons.

I haven't read this one yet, but I know it will be good as evidenced by M.E.'s published works. Check M.E.'s blog here for information on all her works, plus a bunch of really funny posts.

"Still tormented by the demons from his past, Wayne Thomas embarks on a course of therapy at the Klinter Institute. His therapist, Jen, is eager to ensure he faces every single demon he encountered in his childhood and to re-establish Wayne into society. With the help of Kathy, a speech therapist, and Herbert, a physiotherapist, Wayne begins to rebuild not only his mind, but his body and self-confidence. Once therapy makes a marked improvement upon Wayne, he is offered the chance to move out of Klinter to The Apartments, the second stage of his integration.

However, inner demons and devils are sometimes hard to erase. Wayne's linger in his subconscious, waiting for a chance to break free once more, to wreak havoc within his unstable mind. Will Jen's hard work pay off? Or will Wayne spiral into a world where redemption and payback rule?"

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